Saturday, June 20, 2009


before i went offline, last update on jaejoong. my hubby Jaejoong took a lil nap!!! aigooooo... he must damneeee tired til in that position he can fell asleep!!!

credit: DBSKnights+heyjj+jia-jia

and bonus picture... i'm kinda lazy to make it into separate entry!!! Tohoshinki's outfit at their 4th TSC Tour... it cracks me up though... TOO COLOURFUL & TOO TIGHT!!! my favorite will be my hubby Jaejoong & Yoochun... the worst??? Junsu... plus they took picture when he did that action... kekekeke! sorry boys....

credit: DBSKnights

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Anonymous said...

hhahaha... that was damn ugly!!! hideous!! hahahahahah!!!
mirotic perf?? hate that outfit! gosh! YunJae looks the best.. hehehe~