Saturday, June 20, 2009


yeah-yeah! that's my ex-college! it is not a kindergarten... don't be fooled by the color... LOL! i don't know why they choose the colors... they painted it when i was still a student there... ewwwww

heyya... finally, there's something interesting happen in my life that i would like to share with my readers! don't worry, i'm only taking 1 spot bfore i'm gonna talk back about my favorite artiste!

today, i visited my ex-college, KDU College! well, i spent 4 years of my study there right after i finish my SPM... 2002-2006! starting from foundation in 2002 and continue with degree after that!

actually, since i quit or to say i defer my final year of my degree in 2006, i never visited it! so, when i went there, lot of things has changed! such as, security is everywhere around the neighborhood... then the college, nothing much has changed! still the same color, same decoration~~~ everything is the same... owh, yah! the Admin & Bursary counter changed ;)

the moment my foot step at the college, i can feel something strange in my heart! i miss those times... i miss brought a lot of books, hung out with my friends, spend few hours at the Computer Lab since during that time, i don't have a lappy with wireless! huhuhu...

i might back as a student this coming november when i decided to do a part time study to finish up my final year of degree after i quit in 2006... hopefully my brain is not 'kaput' yet... hahahaha! owh, i decided to do it at Olympia College coz KDU didn't offer part-time study.... BOOKS! BOOKS!

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