Saturday, January 30, 2010


yuhuuuuuuuu... yesterday night was a long-long day for me! around 5.30pm, me & Carrie made a move to Bangkok Jazz for Vince's showcase! the showcase was called Vince's Feature Night at Bangkok Jazz... i'm Vince's fan, but i'm going there to do my work since Vince is now under the recording label that i'm currently working! cool ha????!!!!

basically the show starts at 10.30pm, and it was a blast! but it wasn't a blast for me that much since instead of enjoying the performance i have to stay outside the Bangkok Jazz and took care of the guest... but still, i ran off inside the bar to catch his performance... kekeke! afterall, i'm a fangirl ok!

to those people who might not know about this, Vince is the brother to these 2 gorgeous' women, Vanessa & Pamela! don't tell me you guys never heard of both! at least Asian should know... they were 1st runner up for The Amazing Race Asia Season 2... well, i've been knowing them since 2003 especially Vanessa... Vanessa was Vince's manager back then, so, everytime i went to Vince's performances, she'll be there! just since 3 years ago, she decided to quit from being a manger of her brother and started her own career in entertainment world... and i'm glad she still recognised me! as for Pamela, i might look familiar to her since she's already saw me few times back then but i don't think knows my name! hehehehe...

CHONG's sisters: (L-R) Vanessa & Pamela in The Amazing Race Asia 2

just one thing, taking pictures with the girls, makes me look, erm... not ugly, but not pretty! HAHAHA~~~

with VINCE!this is like... erm 12,13, of me & him! kekeke

VANESSA CHONG VEN-LEE...she's gorgeous isn'it????

PAMELA CHONG VEN-TEEN... Vince's little sister ;)

ps: Chong's family is always awesome ;)
psps: i should put more make-up yesterday, so i will not look terrible standing besides Van & Pam =.=