Monday, January 11, 2010


besides k-drama, i am also a fan of Taiwanese Drama. i have a few list of T-Drama that i love... Meteor Garded 1 & 2, Devil Besides You, Mars, just to name a few... basically, i'm waiting for Calling For Love or Calling Big Star starring Mike He to be aired.

today, a friend of mine, Mai, kept tweeting about this one T-Drama calls AUTUMN's CONCERTO! she even said how she cried like she was left by her husband watching the drama and she's not even married yet! kekeke...

well, the drama starred Vanness Wu, one of the Taiwan's F4... and he is getting hotter nowdays! and suddenly i missed him & the other F3 in Meteor Garden... neway, after i read the full summary of the drama, i'm totally interested watching it although a melodrama is not my type...

the main cast: Ady An & Vanness Wu

ps: for full summary of the drama can be checked here, AUTUMN's CONCERTO

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