Tuesday, February 2, 2010


this is what happened when i got nothing to do and i'm bored! while i thought about my plan to send a birthday gifts for Wooyoung's 21st birthday in April, the "TO WOOYOUNG WITH LOVE" thingy pop out in my mind... then i started to think, it will be cool if i created a blog with that as blog title... and after few minutes, TADAAAAAAAAAA~~~ i created one!

well, the blog is not 100% finish coz i'm still in godek-ing it... kekeke! the blog is just to show my "LOVE" ness towards him... hahahaha! no lar... it will be cool if all the news, pix of this cutie kiddo can be found under one roof... so, to wooyoung's lovers, i'll try to provide you pic/news of wooyoung as much as i can...

come and visit the blog for wooyoung's overdosed at TO WOOYOUNG WITH LOVE

ps: yesh, i'm such a crazy fangirl... kekeke!
psps: still i know my limit k! kekeke


Lil Tiger said...

wah best! sokong sokong!! ;)

fuckyeah2pm.tumblr.com & wooyoung.tumblr.com.. many goodies woo, hehe.

can't wait to see the final product ^^

Wawa said...

thanks nana ;)

basically, the blog will be biasa je...saje nak eye candy tuk diri sendiri kot! hahaha