Tuesday, January 5, 2010


after a long wait, finally his 3rd album hit the market & i'm freaking excited... the album consists 12 tracks with 8 tracks composed by Vince himself, the album is totally an album that a BFs should grab... with 9 malay's songs & 3 english songs, it is not only captured the malay's fans! i'm glad he is back... once a BF, always a BF! falling for his voice again ;)

in my opinion, my favorite is Ajar Ku Cinta / Teach Me How To Love... basically TMH2L is the english version of AKC which is also included in this album. same goes with Apa Jawapannya which is also has the english version call Dear Jean.

the album is RM29.90 and can be found at any music stores all over malaysia... ;)

  1. Layan Saja
  2. Apa Jawapannya
  3. Ajar Ku Cinta ft. Joanna Henley Rampas
  4. Biarkan
  5. Kan Temu Jua
  6. Buah Hati
  7. Cerita Kita
  8. Akhirnya
  9. Dimanakah Cintamu
  10. Getting Closer
  11. Teach Me How To Love ft. Joanna Henley Rampas
  12. Dear Jean
checkout Vince's latest news, promo at his fanpage: Vince Chong

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