Wednesday, January 13, 2010


as usual... when i started to like a drama, i'm sure i'll fall with one of the cast! usually it will be the main lead actor! not an exception for Autumn's Concerto too. but, what makes me kinda excited with this guy, it is not some new actor or an actor that i never heard before...

i'm talking bout Vanness Wu that i knew back then in 2002. it was when Meteor Garden showed in Malaysia, and i've been introduced to this 4 gorgeous guys that widely known as F4! but they guy who caught my eyes was Jerry Yan! so, i never gave a lot of attention to the other 3! during Meteor Garden 2, i have to admit, Vanness looked hotter compare to the 1st season, but again, i'm totally a Jerry Yan's hardcore fan!

after 8 years, when a friend of mine introduced me Autumn's Concerto, i started to look at him as Vanness Wu and not Vanness F4! that was when i started to realise, he is freaking hot! plus, watching him as the main lead, it makes me to appreciate him as an actor more! whoever thought, after 8 years, this guy get into my favorite guy list.... ;) welcome Vanness!!! kekeke... erm, how bout some eye-candy????

8 years ago... kekekeke! i have a reason why Jerry Yan was my 1st choice in MG :P

ps: all pictures were collected randomly! thanks to the uploader

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