Thursday, January 7, 2010


7th January is here again... that means, i'm 1 year older than last year! this year, i turned 26! totally not excited with the numbers... time flies so fast and here i am again, celebrating my birthday for the 26th times... i don't wish for much this year but i hope for better life ahead!!! as for this special entry, here are some eye-candy pictures of myself for the past 26 years... ^o^

1984... baby wawa with her parents! wish for this moment again TT.TT

1986... i might be 2-3 years old with my cousins! can you spot me?

2001... my final year in high school... lol! this picture look too old!

2006... during my college years... chilling out with girlfriends ;)

2007... one of my favorite picture coz i feel so beautiful in here! hahaha

2008... i chopped my hair freaking short!

2010... this picture was taken on 1st Jan during my primary school's friend wedding! a pic with my beshtie/childhood friend!


xXrucciXx said...

happy birthday wawa..
Allah bless you..may this 2010 brings you more happiness and brighter life..

saengil chukkahae..:)

Lil Tiger said...

Happy Birthday Wawa unnie :D

yeah i definitely can spot your from the old pics! Your big, pretty, happpy never changed ^^

Wawa said...

rucci & nana,
thanks ;)

farrajunsu a.k.a Mrs Kims said...

wonnie!!~ haha~eh..ur face never changed la.. same je..ur smile still the same..^^

aizamia boojaejoong said...

saengil chukahamnida
saengil chukahamnida
saranghaneun wawa unnie
saengil chukahamnida...=)

saranghae unnie..
and missing u in talking bout kpop again..huhu

all the best unnie for ur life!..=)

Wawa said...

farra & aiza,

thankish girls... lubb you too ^o^

Anonymous said...

Seriously wownie.. u really look the same. I mean u now and u before...
wth am i talking bout??? LOL!

so cute man~ Heheheh~

happy bday! muacks~

Wawa said...


hosh, since i posted this entry, u are the, erm... hahahaha, org ke berapa that said, WAWA YOU LOOK THE SAME AS BEFORE... hihihi! it was easy to spotted me aite dear?

Anonymous said...

too easy! hahaha~ i dun need to look for u in that pic... kekeke...