Thursday, December 11, 2008

TVXQ performance clothes @ GDA

okay... another entry about TVXQ!!! my blog is fulled with their story & not much about myself... well, i'm so happy everytime i write something about them in here...

okay, back to entry title! i wanna talk about their clothes during their performance. i really don't have problem of them wearing a 'kotak-kotak' suits... they look ok on it EXCEPT for my Jaejoongie... yah! please leave the fur behind my dear... hahahaah! and the 'kotak-kotak' pants just don't blend with your sleeveless and the fur make it worse... IT JUST WRONG!!!! but i still love him dowh...

i think the best dress during TVXQ's performance is Chunnie... yah-yah! Snakey must be very happy coz me puji her hubby! but seriously, full 'kotak-kotak' suit really makes him look gorgeous!

++double triple NOSE BLEED++

Jaejoong ah~~~ it just wrong!!! but you are still hot as usual

pic credit: jcwc@soompi+bravetears@csspf+wawa@blogspot

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