Thursday, December 11, 2008


today, i managed to catch another episode of Chit Chat Of Beautiful Ladies on KBS World! as usual i waited fr the Introducing My Boyfriend segment. today episode was really sweet. instead a foreign lady's boyfriend to surprise the panel & the audience, the guest, A Hot Korean Guy proposed to one of the foreign lady to date him... ANDDDDDDDDDDDD! he chose a Malaysian Girl, Sophia Ridza!!!

gosh.... never thought that the guy will choose Sophia! she is damnee lucky... the proposal was so sweet! both of them were really shy with each other!!!! Sophia did say before before she knew she was the chosen one when the MC asked her what about the guy: I WILL MARRY HIM STRAIGHT!


Dongok ssi, are you sure it is me?

omo! it is really me...

concentrating listening to Dongok ssi confession

it's already enough for me

i'm too nervous

oh my gosh! he got down on his knee

i'll give a try... Oh My God!

listening to Sophia's confession

++THE 1st DATE++

video uploader: blurryfella87@YouTube
screencaps: wawa@blogspot

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wy i cant watch the video????
waaaa! T_T