Wednesday, December 17, 2008


hahaha... i'm really a TV Freak! a biggest TV Freak ever... today when i went to the bank nearby my house, i dropped by at a video shop. okay a shop that sell a pirated stuff :XD:

actually i was JUST checking any new movie but 1 title really got my attention: 90210!!! wohoooo... since Worlds Within started, i missed 3 episodes of 90210 which i'm kinda sad about it! so, when i saw the dvd at the shop, i asked him how much is it. the dvd only consists 1st part means not a full season but i'm too eager to have it! 3 discs costs me RM30!

then another title caught my attention: ONE TREE HILL SEASON 6 part 1!!! Oh my gosh... i haven't watched season 6... i decided to buy it too...

there you go! i spent RM60 for 2 titles... hahahaha! really TV Freak ha???

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