Saturday, December 13, 2008


Finally the studio version of 'CLEAN' version of Mirotic is out... basically only two words in the song has been replaced... the most obvious is I GOT YOU~~UNDER MY SKIN which has been replaced with I GOT YOU~~UNDER MY SKY! okay, that's really funny coz sky really not suit with the whole song at all! but i think they decided to choose sky coz it is the nearest word with skin so the song will don't have a very obvious differences...

another part is Yunho's rap... NOL KAJOSO has been replaced with NOL KEKESO (i think) will check it again...

neway, get the studio version of clean version of MIROTIC by clicking the title k!!!

credit: CCHK + dennygirl87 + Yunise87@yt + black-rose@CSSPF

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