Thursday, December 25, 2008


lol... i am really into TVXQ! today, when i walked around ikano, as usual, a MUST shop for me to enter is speedy! actually, just wanna 'skodeng' any albums or box set that interesting! but i never thought of buying anything at all... so, when i went through all TVXQ's album, all the album were Tohoshinki. the only TVXQ album there was Mirotic Version B! then i flipped through their album again! poof, TVXQ's 3rd album, 'O' appeared! i thought about it hardly whether i should get it or not coz this is my first time found a TVXQ's album other than Mirotic & Tohoshinki... since this might be my only chance to get the album, so i grabbed it! the price is RM49...

Here i present you my very own 2nd TVXQ' album:

actually i don't know which version of this album! hahaha... i didn't know anything about 'O' album... i just grabbed it with not much of thinking... kekeke!

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