Friday, December 5, 2008


i think i'm obsessed with TVXQ!!! i listen to their song 24/7 non stop... to those who really doesn't know about me & tvxq's history, i just turn myself as their fan in september... totally new!!! so, i'm still learning about them!

one of my way to know them better is by searching & watching their vids on YouTube! today i decided to watch some of their live performance of HUG!!! their earlier years... hahahahaha! they were so KAWAII that time & now they are such a HOTTIE!!! they all look soooo young & now they are matured!!!

actually they are tones of HUG live performance & i managed to watch some of it... i decided to post this vid without any reason! just i don't know which one to choose.... try to choose the best performance but all are good! jawapan biasa dari peminat.. kekeke!

video uploader: angelaww@YouTube

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