Thursday, July 23, 2009


the last TVXQ or TOHOSHINKI's album that i bought or to be exact i got it for free was The Secret Code in April 2009! when STAND BY U was released, i immediatey hooked with the music & the lyrics... and the PV totally so nice... SBU becomes 1 of my favorite of TVXQ/THSK since that!

so, i decided to get a hand on the single although i'm totally not a single's fan... i prefer full albums than single! but exceptional for SBU owh, as i hope for JaeJoong's card, i got myself a group card... niceeeeeeeeee!


SOULFiGHTER♥ said...

Oh Unnie! Is this the inside of the SBU Album? The 2CD+DVD? Sorry for asking. I'm just planning to buy it :D

Wawa said...

yes... this is what they have in SBU's single (CD+DVD).... ;)