Wednesday, July 8, 2009


seriously, my DBSK's collection way too little! but being a fan since September last year, i'm proud of my collection coz this is the only way to show how much i really care & love DBSK... i don't really spend money on artists except for artists that i truly love...

way too little ha???? actually i'm in the process of collecting their albums... this is the disadvantage of being a fan quite late... i need to collect all their previous albums and it is quite costly! but, by hook or by crook, i'll make sure myself to collect all their previous albums! just, i keep postponing it since they keep releasing new stuffs...
and today, i just pre-ordered STAND BY YOU single... actually, i'm not a single collector but i don't know why, this Stand By You really attracted me til i wanna own a copy of it... and i'm glad i pre-ordered it...

my next target of DBSK's stuff to buy is THE SECRET CODE TOUR FINAL @ TOKYO DOME DVD! this is a must for me to own!!! maggi mee time.... hahahaha! then, i took a peak at ALL ABOUT DBSK SEASON 3 storybook and i'm super excited about it coz JaeJoong is shirtless... SHIRTLESS WEI!!!! i don't know whether i should get one of the copy or not!!!

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here are my DBSK's wishlist that i'm planning to buy:
  1. DBSK: Tri-Angle (any version)
  2. DBSK: Rising Sun (any version)
  3. THSK: Heart, Mind, & Soul (any version)
  4. THSK: Five In The Black (any version)
  5. THSK: 'T' (any version)
  6. The Secret Code Tour Final Stage @ Tokyo Dome DVD
here are DBSK's stuffs that i'm still thinking whether i should buy or not $$$$:
  1. Please Be Mine: All About DBSK Season 3 Storybook
  2. All About DBSK Season 3 DVD
adding to my K-Pop craziness, here are some other stuffs that i'm planning to get a a hand on it:

SS501 COLLECTION... not a fan of SS501 much, instead i'm more into the leader, KIM HYUN JOONG! but i think, still the album is such a worth it collection for me to grab ;)

i'm currently in love with this group... and how i wish i can show my love towards them by grabbing their 2nd mini album! still in planning though...

BOYS BEFORE FLOWER dvd boxset... i still haven't buy the boxset... kuikuikui!

ps: my mom will slaughter me if she knows all the stuffs that i wanna buy! hahahaha...

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