Wednesday, July 1, 2009


what is the most hype thingy happen in my life lately????


you don't know what is Plurk???? Plurk is just like twitter but in my opinion Plurk is much much better than twitter... did i said my opinion! yes, MY OWN OPINION! so, if you love twitter, that's your opinion... checkout my plurk section here in blog ;)

why i love Plurk?
  1. that's the place where i can fangirl-ing to the max... i really really really mean MAX!
  2. great place to share & to get updates of our favorite artistes especially k-pop!
  3. a place when fangirls gone crazeeeee...
my plurk timeline! i put 2PM as my background... Mrs.KIMs is my plurk's name :P

my plurk dashboard! this where u post ur plurk, ur friendlist etc... Khunnie from 2pm is currently my DP... can u see d karma section??? that's what PLURK all about... u have to log-in & plurk everyday, so your karma will not reduce! the more plurk you get, you get more icons etc...

join us the plurk communities for all the fun by clicking plurk k

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