Tuesday, July 14, 2009


yes, i'm a RED DEVIL... so fucked up if you are an anti!!! hahaha... lol! so funny when i said bad words in here :P well, i know there's plenty of you out there really can't stand Man Utd. but i love this club so much since 1997... yewp, since David Beckham's era til Chritiano Ronaldo before he left for Real Madrid end of the last season...

Manchester United will be in Malaysia for their Asia Tour this Saturday... they gonna have a friendly match with Malaysian Selection... ngahahaha! Man Utd. gonna take u down Malaysian *evil* kikiki... i'm not a good citizen :P anddddddddddddddddd i bought the ticket last Sunday! too bad, since my mom kept postponing it, in the end all the tix sold out & left the cheapest, 58 bucks... whether i'll like it or not, i just grab coz although the seat will be at the back of the goal post. i really wanna see this latest generation of Man U in front of my eyes... owh, i went to watch Man Utd. in 2001 when they came down to Malaysia...

Makan Bola, Minum Bola, Tidur Bola

2 tickets for me & my cousin, Aizatt!!! glory glory~~~~

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