Thursday, July 23, 2009


Junsu is not in the pic! can only see a bit of his hand... need to search the full picture

as i'm a bit sad when 2PM is done promoting their 2nd mini album, they came out with their latest reality show call WILD BUNNY on Mnet... the 1st episode was aired yesterday and i was totally enjoying it although it was without subtitles... they are such a super dorky!!! and again, i love WOOYOUNG! i'm a WOOYOUNG biased now... ngahahaha!

first episode really cracked me especially WooYoung... lol, that guy! he's totally crazy... during the karaoke session, he's totally hyper active! hahaha... and, 2PM totally a fanboys! they knew all dance steps for FIRE (2NE1), DIVA (AFTER SCHOOL) & GEE (SNSD)... click the link below to watch Wild Bunny ;)

some of caps from episode 1 (all related to WOOYOUNG! told you i'm a WOOYONG biased)

ps: i decided to post about Wild Bunny everyweek... hihihi!


Lil Tiger said...

they are so effin hilarious :D

Wawa said...

yesh... i laughed like hell watching it! rofl

Lil Tiger said...

the fact that Wooyoung is okay with Taec biting him in Wild Bunny & Chansung who bit his head in Idol Army & Jay who molested his body in the car is HELLA CUTE!
*jumps up & down*

shit. it's hard to have my favourite 2PM boys if things keep going on like this! XD

Wawa said...

hahahaha... Wooyoung is the chosen one to be bullied! he acted more like a magnae than Chansung...

lol... i had a ahrd time to pick my favs too when i started to like them til i knew i'm so freaking excited everytime i watch Khun & Woooyung! but everything changed last 3 weeks when wooyoung really makes me laugh like no one else in the world... so, he's the chosen 1 for me :P