Tuesday, February 9, 2010


hahaha... afterall, i'm not Chinese, i'm a Malay! on Saturday (100206), my company hosted an annual dinner at Dynasty Hotel. this year theme was Chinese Traditional Outfit & Red! since, it has been a long time i wanna get myself a cheongsam, so, i decided to buy one cheongsam for the occassion... just i can't find a cheaper cheongsam, and end up buying a cheongsam at RM115... blurghhhhh~~~ here are some pictures of me transforming into Ms. Tionghua ;)

with pretty Sue from design department

with my lovely Carrie

showing my talent for Ms. Tionghua's contest or so whatever! i won and got RM100 angpow! ok lar... cover my cheongsam's cost! kekeke

more pictures HERE

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