Tuesday, February 2, 2010


oh my god! oh my god! last 3 weeks, me and other Cicadas (Lumos, Bell, Hana, Mai & Asiah) decided to order the Kiss Me's mug... and last week, Lumos, who did all the buying & paying for the behalf of us, received an email, that the mugs have been shipped out from korea last week... and yesterday, Lumos, received a notification from Pos Laju, that the mugs already arrived and she can collects it at Pos Laju's office. today she collected it! and she mms-ed me the box that contains wooyoung's mug... i'm so excited and wonder, when can i meet her and take the mug =.=

yay~~~the 'WOOYOUNG' on the box makes me so freaking excited! the mug is so near to me now yet far~~~


Fatima Mahir said...

hye unnie...been reading ur blog for a while..wanna ask u bout the mug??u bought the mug from which site?can u plsss kindly tell me...im dying to get taec's mug...how abt the price?

unnie..thnks in advance

Wawa said...

hey fatima... thanks ;)

anyway, me & friends bought at dvdheaven (http://www.dvdheaven.com/) well, since this site was handled by korean, the price will be in USD. and me & my friends, we kinda ordered one time, so, we can share the shipping fee... estimated, with the shipping fee, the price will be around rm50-60... but, they are fast! we manage to get it less than a month...

ps: we can pay tru TT as in bank transfer ;)

Anonymous said...

can i know what the mug made from?
hoping its not plastic cause crazy to get the junho kissme mug..