Wednesday, November 25, 2009


yesterday was crazy! can you imagine, in less than 15 minutes, the VIP Sbox suddenly made a quick decision to go out and hang out together... well, Bell already told us last week that on Tuesday (24/11), there'll be a bboy friendly battle between M'sia & Kor in Ampang. as i was anticipated to go, still i didn't really respond to it... but yesterday, as usual while me, Bell & Lumos was talking at YM tru conference, Bell told us, there'll be Breakout's performance at the bboy battle! me & Lumos automatically respond like this: WHAT? BREAKOUT?????? omg... i love Breakout since i watched them back in May when they came down to Malaysia... it was already 5.15PM that time, and less than 10 minutes, everything was decided that me, Lumos, & Mai are joining Bell...

the event started at 8PM, but both of us only made our way from LRT Wangsa Maju around 8.15PM... hahahaha... and to make it worst, we got lost! we only reached Ampang Vision Hall only at 8.55PM... the Breakout performance ended but still we manage to catch the final round of the friendly battle... we screamed a lot!!! hehehehe... and of course we didn't want to miss a chance to take pictures with the korean crew! LMAO~~~

the battle! korean crew were showing off their skills to m'sian crew ^o^

it is all about L.O.V.E... picto time for both crews

he is not a bboy... he's the MC for the night and he is M'sian! hehehe

us with the girl from korean crew

with one of the member from korean crew

we are aDORKable...

Bell and one of BREAKOUT's crew.... *faint*

more pictures of the event HERE

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