Sunday, November 8, 2009


for the past one week, JYPE has released 2 tracks from 2PM's First Album that expected to be released on 10/11, 14/11, or 16/11??? hahahaha... with all the issue that occurs due to the departure of the great leadja, Jay, i'm trying to be more positive! hardcore is a harcore... as it does break my heart, i can't help to fall with their both tracks... 1st track is Tired of Waiting which it kinda reminds me of TaeGoon's Betrayed! but the song is like 95% autotune! the 2nd song is I WAS CRAZY ABOUT YOU.... oh my god! Taec's rap pawned the song... that's the most sexiest rap i ever heard!

talk about the boycotting, i respect all the boycotters but i'm still neutral over it! as i'm waiting for Jay to comeback, i'm also supporting the other 6 members!!! so, whatever that you believe in, LOVE & RESPECT each other!

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