Monday, November 2, 2009

S.E.V.E.N & F.I.V.E

basically today is my payday which i should be happy yet, i've been totally loaded with 2PM & TVXQ! news, which totally makes me down the whole day!


let me start with 2PM! today, after the heartbeat thingy on 2PM's, finally we at least know what it means! the comeback of 2PM... they released a 40 seconds preview of 2PM's new song title "TIRED OF WAITING". irony ha???? Hottests are tired of waiting and suddenly they released a song with this title... tell you the truth, the moment i listen to it, i can't help myself not to fall for it which i should not! gotta admit, JYP is one of an awesome producer!!!! the full song will release by tomorrow and yeah, i can't wait for it!!!! and their official comeback stage will be on 13th November on Music bank... FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!

credit: inanis@youtube

TVXQ! the group that brought me to k-pop's world! and today, finally, after what i felt through all this while, has happened! since the lawsuit started, when i knew only 3 of them that file the lawsuit, i see it as 3 (JaeChunSu) vs 2 (YooMin) not as JaeChunSu vs SME although it is JaeChunSu vs SME! today, the scariest thing for Cassie has happened coz YooMin have spoken! as what i thought, they are stand behind SME's side!

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CHAii said...

Yeah it's very heartbreaking to let the 7 & 5 numbers remain. I'm even sad about Jaebom's "BYE BYE" thingy T____T