Sunday, November 8, 2009


weeeee.... finally my baby is back! yeah, i always call U-Kiss as my baby since most of them are freaking young! and this time, they are no longer a 6 members but 7! they added a new member, Kiseop! welcome Kiseop...

Kiseop d new member

and i'm totally in love with their new image! there's no more cutie boys but hottie men! hahaha... they decided to make a comeback with a manly image! and my favorite member, Dongho, omg! he's no longer the cute 15th years old boy, but he is now totally a hottie boy!!! their song, MAN MAN HA NI is freaking addictive... welcome back boys!!!! ^o^

credit: UrAsianSource@Youtube

credit: CodeMonmonSeason4@Youtube

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