Thursday, November 20, 2008


While i was driving on they way to fetch my mom from the office, suddenly i remembered one of my conversation with my Sarawakian 'kakak angkat' during my trip to Sarawak last month (25/10-26/10)...

i realised when she would like to explain to another S'wakian (such as salesperson), she will pointed us as 'Orang Malaya'. i was kinda curiosed! it is not that i don't understand what is Malaya means, but because i understand it so well, that was i decided to ask her why she pointed as Malaya instead of Semenanjung. The conversation went almost like this:

Me: Kak Mona, kenapa akak sebut Malaya ek?

Kak Mona: Actually if betul-betul, S'wakian memang panggil orang Semenanjung orang Malaya instead of Semenanjung. Especially the elders.

Me: Saya rasa cam orang Tanah Melayu plak since Malaya is Tanah Melayu. LOLZ!

Kak Mona: Sebelum Sarawak sebahagian dari Malaysia, (Malaysia was only formed in 1963 when Sabah, Sarawak, & Singapore agreed to join with Malaya as one country) orang Sarawak memang panggil Semenanjung as Malaya coz that was what it was called before. Sarawak dipanggil Borneo & Sabah known as North Borneo.

It is not something that offended me or anything just i found it was interesting! It is cool to call people from Semenanjung as Malaya... so lately, everytime i called or smsed her, sometimes i will appointed myself as 'ORANG MALAYA'.....

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