Tuesday, November 25, 2008


well, when i was in CSSPF today, suddenly some of the member talked about the airport incident yesterday. it was said that antis threw a bag towards TVXQ and hit Minnie!

hey, are you a human?! aren't you too much? whether i'm a TVXQ's fan or not, a human will not do that to another human... we learn civic! i'm so hurt to see Minnie's expression! i know he was trying to be cool on what just happened but he is just a human being!!!

and a MEN's ROOM means FOR MAN ONLY!!!! so, don't blame the boys if they 'tegur'! What a fan? A fan should not do that to their own idol... give the boys a lil privacy!

a fan should not do this!
video uploader: myluvforDBSK@YouTube

minnie ah~~~ i'm hurt to see minnie in this vid~
video uploader: myluvforDBSK@YouTube

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