Wednesday, November 26, 2008


when i browesed through K-Popped today, they posted a news about Paran's concert that was planned on the 30th Nov has been cancelled! after the FT Island incident, i think Malaysian organiser just don't learn from a mistake ha???

i don't know the group Paran but i'm kinda sad coz why it must always happen to K-Pop's artiste! Malaysia always fulled of big concert every year, with all the big artiste all over the world but don't you think only the K-Pop artiste that always faced this matter! so, who to blame? Malaysian organiser or the artiste management itself?

seriously, i don't know! i just hope these back 2 back cancellation of K-Pop concert will not effect my idol group, TVXQ to plan their another concert in Malaysia! but isn't this really give a bad impression to all the Korean management. They might think twice to bring their artiste to Malaysia!

p/s: i think Rain's concert was the most succesful K-Pop artiste concert in Malaysia coz he is already labeled as a World Artiste instead of K-Pop artiste! his concert got full of support from Malaysian media!

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