Thursday, March 31, 2011


after 2 weeks, finally i'm done watching Endless Love. i never thought i'll be addicted to Endless Love when i never knew the existence bout this drama before, and watch it just to fill my boring life... hahahaha

i've been downloading Endless Love for the past 2 weeks, and been watching at least 2 episodes a day (5 episodes straight on last Sunday), and yesterday i have downloaded til Ep.14. Since i'm not sure when will Episode 15 (final) be released, so, i decided to watch it online instead and kill my broadband usage for this month... kekekeke! well, i don't want to wait for 2 weeks just to watch one final episode.

seriously, addicting over Endless Love even i have surprised myself. Wilber Pan indeed new to me. Never watch his drama til Feb2011 when i watched Miss No Good. and he did well in Endless Love. Endless Love fulled of cuteness and the chemistry between Wilber & Sandrine were awesome. Sandrine's character as Song Rui En, the rich girl who looks like a spoilt brat but actually full of cuteness, while Wilber as Liang Jing Hao is such a gentleman before he changed such an ass but still loveable to me later in that drama.

actually, the final episode was ok to me but i still hope it will be longer when the couple finally reunited... getting married at the end, with around 10 minutes' scene was not enough for me. so, in the end, the final episode can't satisfy me much.

ps: if you ask whether is it worth it to watch, then i'll say YES!
psps: serendipity released episode 15 today! oh, gosh... i wasted my usage :(

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