Thursday, March 31, 2011


i just wanna be Kiss Me! although it was hard & kinda hurt when the news of Xander & Ki Bum were no longer with U-Kiss, but being a fan of U-Kiss since 2009, my love towards them are still the same. i'm still uber excited with their latest mini album with 2 new members, Hoon & AJ!

the most important thing, i love all songs in Bran New Kiss with 0330 as my most favorite track. the concept of this album is totally different compare to previous U-Kiss' albums. it sounds more matured and fresh. as for Hoon & AJ, seems like they brought something fresh to U-Kiss though i still wish Xander & Ki Bum are still part of U-Kiss.

the MV is awesome!!!!! my kiddo, Dongho, he's so cute & grown up.... ahhhhhh~~~~ i wish he will stay as 15 forever...

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