Saturday, March 26, 2011


actually i wanna watch Sunny Happiness since i'm totally a big big big fan of Mike He, but the download link for the drama with english subs are still not available (the sad life of broadband subscriber with only 3gb usage per month). so, i decided to dig any interesting taiwan drama that i can watch.

actually, i don't know much about Wilber Pan besides the fact that he's a popular taiwan singer. then 8tv was showing Miss No Good, and the drama was quite interesting to me (being a fan of Rainie Yang). Wilber Pan in Miss No Good kinda attract me too but the airing time for it wasn't that good, so i missed quite a lot of episodes. i started to have a soft spot for him, and tried to search other dramas of him, that was when i knew about Endless Love. i read the synopsis, and then tried to check out the 1st episode & i'm hooked.

by the time i'm writing this entry, i have watched til episode 5. i giggling & squealing like a small kid watching this drama. i'm glad i decided to watch it coz i think it's a worth drama to watch.

ps: i might not be crazy over Wilber Pan like i crazy over Mike He, but he is indeed cute
psps: i like him in EL more than MNG

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