Wednesday, May 5, 2010


since last week Friday, i had a toothache which kinda annoyed me! i've been taking pain killer, ponstan! but last night was totally killing me when the pain attacked at 3am and i can't sleep! so, today, i decided to take a half day off and went to the dentist! FYI, i'm kinda phobia with this dentist thingy! i tried to avoid going to dentist and if i remembered, the last time i went for a check-up was in 2001! hahaha~~~

i went to this one clinic in Tmn Tun, and believe me, it is kinda an exclusive dental clinic which the price can 'sembelih' your neck! but still i decided to go to the clinic for better service... well, as expected my one week suffering from pain was caused by stupid wisdom tooth! the doctor suggested for a surgery but since i'm still in pain, doctor can only do a dressing and give me antibiotic & ponstan... once my pain goes away, i should consider for a surgery which will cost me RM600 - RM1,200!!! so fucking expensive... even today, i had spent RM270!!!!!

since the fee for the surgery kinda out of my budget, i'll put it on hold! and teeth, please be nice to me til i have money to do it k!!!


alyn♥kimkey said...

how much is it? plus where did you got it?

Wawa said...

hi there...
i think you asked me on 2PM's album aite? i bought at rm58 from a music shop in sg. wang ;)