Monday, May 10, 2010


i'm not a big fan of Beast...well, to be exact, i never been a Beast's fan...just, i enjoyed their music! plus, when one of my cicadas' girl, falling with one of Beast's member, i even can spazzed and layan her 'angau'-an... hahaha! afterall, i'm so in love with Beast's Mystery!

but lately, i can't say i hate Beast, but it is more like annoying to me. But my annoy towards Beast didn't come from the members themselves but some of ex-hottests who declare themselves as a B2UTY now...i don't care if they decided to quit from being a hottest, but stop comparing with 2PM!

i still remember when Beast debuted, there's this ex-hottest said to me 2PM is the original beast and none of the rookie can replace 2PM! yeah... you used to say that before 2PM's 'true color' reveal aite??? but after all those shit happens, now you said they are not talented???? when you were their hardcore, you never thought that you were obsessed with bunch of 'untalented' kids... all you can see, they were awesome, dorky, TALENTED etc... you just make me laughed a second there!

Beast is an awesome group seriously! but because i'm a 2PM's hardcore, i can't like other group like i love 2PM! even, u-kiss can't beat the love that i'm having for 2PM! but, if one day, Beast manage to capture my attention more than now, i wanna be their fan coz they are Beast and not because i'm trying to run away from 2PM or so whatever... maybe you'll say what did i know about your craziness towards Beast... yeah, i know nothing but the only thing i'm sure, IF 2PM IS NOT FACING THOSE SHITS OR JAY IS STILL IN 2PM, WILL YOU EVER GIVE A DAMN TOWARDS BEAST? tepuk dada tanya selera la wei!

i don't mean to offend the real B2UTY who has been Beast's fans from the day one... you can love whoever that you want to love, but if you are a B2UTY now, act like a B2UTY and filled your twitreel bout how bad 2PM is, just proofed to us, afterall, you can NEVER EVER forget 2PM! i think, you can never ever move-on coz 2PM will always be in your heart... good luck of throwing away the love that you used to have for 2PM!

ps: yes, i stalked your twitter! coz it is fun to read how you have this full of excitement talking bout your ex-idol! but, if you don't stalk my twitter, how do you know we are mocking you or talking bad about you??? we are just the same... afterall, i'm a proud organisms and i act like one!


tira_blurb said...

this is what people called it as LALANG! ekekeke! sabar je la.. :)

fikah mus said...

shame on them.
stop comparing la.
every group got their own charms.
so why bother to tweet the so-called ex-idol that they used to crave on.
fangirlism much??