Monday, May 3, 2010


since i'm a 2PM's hardcore, of coz i'll love all 2PM's songs, but still, i have my most favorite song! I Hate You or Niga Mibda, has been my most favorite song since i knew 2PM, but together with IHY, Don't Stop Can't Stop has been added to my most favorite of 2PM's song list. that just made there are 2 songs of 2PM that i love the most now! i can't get enough with the song... well, although the song is for 2PM's haters but with the strong lyrics, strong melody, this song is freaking addictive to me!!!! so, i wanna dedicate this entry to DSCS... LOL! my YT will automatically play DSCS's performance on inki! it is one of the best performance of 2PM for this comeback.... here is the translation of the song ;)

On my body the wounds--one, two, only grow, the fear in my heart keeps growing
I see the notice in front of my eyes but my strength hit the floor
I clench my teeth, I came this far, I can't break now
Even if you tear me apart I will smile, I will just bury countless wounds inside my heart

I can't give up here (I can't give up) I can't let my footprints fade
If I can't get up I will fall down (I can't fall down) I refuse to go back to the beginning

I can't collapse, it's too late too collapse now
So we don’t stop
We can’t stop
Until we reach the top

It's an opportunity that won't come again, I don't want to let it go
So we don’t stop
We can’t stop
Until we reach the top

You wanna see me fall right? (Haters)
Like a candle on a windy night, yeah right
Just watch me do this take a breath hold tight
I’m never going down without a fight, a’ight?

No matter how much you stab right through me, you can't get in
No matter how much you injure me you can't kill me
So no matter how much my tears may pool, they can pool but they can't fall
Even if I die, I won't let my enemies see me cry

Even when I think I can't endure it (I can't give up) Even when I think I can't get through
If I can't endure, I will fall down (I can't fall down) I refuse to go back to the beginning

(Pain) I will gather my pain (Fear) I will gather my fear, Memories of my broken heart
I will gather the memories of how hard it was, Burn, let it burn; burn, let it burn
I will let it burn inside of me, Cause I've got one shot to the top, uh.

ps: i don't know what happen to my baby, wooyoung for this whole comeback of 2PM! he's getting hotter than before... i'm totally falling for him for the 100 times! :p


y_sue said...

hi wawa.. i new here.. i've fllwd u bcoz ure big fan of 2PM as i am.. n bcoz u love wooyoung soo much.. i sggsted u to watch this.. waooyoung act really funny n he totally hot..

Wawa said...

hey y_sue...

thanks!!! gonna check it out ^o^