Monday, July 15, 2013


This is so funny. I've been a K-pop's fan for 5 years, and rarely update myself with the local industry. Most of my everyday life is fulled with K-pop's stuff or to be precised, 2PM. I do sometimes tweet/update any of Malay's song that I'm currently listen to, but it was never to the extent that I'm updating about local industry more than my K-pop's obsession especially on Twitter. Well, you can even see from this blog itself, which I've not been blogging since March, and suddenly I've posted 4 entries this month, and all is about local industry.

Even this surprised myself, and how about the people around me? UNBELIEVABLE... hahaha! The biggest reaction of coz from my beloved Hottest's t-listeu & my partner-in-crime, LumosNY. The moment when I kept tweeting about SSID & Izzue Islam's non stop for 2 days, she tweeted: "Wawa, jangan ko tinggalkan MYHottest dan buka forum Izzue sudah" (don't you leave MYHottest and create Izzue's forum)... I really wanna laugh my ass out when I read this. aigoooyaaaa! Actually that was when I realised I've been spazzing another artist too much which I never did before.

Don't worry so much k... Do you think after what we've been through for the past 4 years, I'm gonna leave you, 2PM & MYHottest? Ihiks... I'll never do that! Let's work harder for 2PM. But please bear with my spazz on Izzue too ok LOL. Thanks for layan-ing me kuikui

Then reaction from other t-listeu (a.k.a kak jalilah, kak roji & kak piji), forever layan-ing my Izzue's craze. Terima kasih melayan gadis sorang ini yer... hahahaha

One of my ex-colleague was surprised when suddenly I've been FB-ing, Instagram-ing in BM... hahahaha! she even asked, what happen since since she's been knowing me the 'K-pop girl' LOL

Family's reaction is nothing much. Mama is used to my celeb craze. From BSB (in 1997), to Vince & Amirul (2003 - 2006), K-pop (2008 till now) & latest Izzue... She layan kan je anak dia yang sorang ni.

Whether it's K-pop or local industry, once I got into it, I'll never turn back.

ps: this is my life. it might look childish but hey, who are you to judge me ;)

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Nurulhuda Y said...


Ofc I am not worried lol you are my best girl ever and I like trolling you! Tharanghey!! <3