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Believe me, it has been awhile that I'm admiring a local artist. Sejak mula pandai berkecimpung dalam dunia fangirling ni, hanya 2 artis je kat Malaysia ni yang pernah buat Wawa mengikut career mereka secara serius: Vince AF & Amirul AF (ok, I used to be a hardcore Akademi Fantasia's fan LMAO)

While I'm still following Vince's career and activity closely (once a BF, always a BF ^^), I can't say anything much about Amirul ;) So, never, in my thought, I'll like another Malaysian artist after I got myself into K-pop 5 years ago. Though a lot of people condemning K-pop so much, but K-pop does change my view towards what type of artist should I like & support.

Izzue Islam... Secara terus-terang, Wawa baru je kenal dan tahu kewujudan dia dalam industri hiburan kat Malaysia ni 3 minggu lepas. Call me ignorance or whatsoever, but as much as I'm choosy when it comes to K-pop artist that I like (that's why I only end-up with one K-pop artist that I truly love, 2PM), it's the same with Malaysian artist too. 

Izzue as Azlan in Cita & Cinta

Ok, back to Izzue. Kenal dia sebab drama Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia (SSID). Silalah scroll ke bawah untuk membaca entry tentang SSID. At first tengok dia dalam drama tu biasa-biasa je sebab layan drama ni pun on & off. Tapi, lama-lama layan, I started to like the character of Firash which leads me to check out the actor who acted as Firash too. Because terlalu suka dengan watak Firash & SSID storyline, Wawa belilah novel, and the more I read the novel, the more I like the character of Firash Arshad. And, when I compare the character in the novel & drama, the drama has really brought the character of Firash Arshad alive.

That's when I realised how Izzue Islam has wow-ing me with his acting. But to just judge based on one drama is not enough. For me, once I've started like a celeb, I'll try to dig their past works. So, I ended up watching Bunga Merah Punya (BMP). AND! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MALAY DRAMA I EVER WATCHED. Izzue has really open my eyes how he's one of the best Malaysian actor I ever known. His acting as Merah, was really impressive and he really can sing!!!

I didn't stop with SSID & BMP coz the next drama of him that I watched was Cita & Cinta. The younger version of Izzue LOL. Again, I was impressed with his acting. Legit! This guy can really act. 

Full Name: 
Muhammad Izzul Islam Bin Mazlan

2 June 1990

Fan letter:

Dear Izzue,

I'm really glad that I have the chance to bump into your work & ended up admiring it.
You're one great actor & keep up the good work.
You still have a long way to go, and I believe if you keep being humble in everything that you're doing, one day, you'll be a big star. I'll pray for that to happen.
Wishing you all the best in your career & personal life.

A fan who admires you so much ;)

ps: he's in the group of Forteen too. not a fan, tapi all the best gak for his singing career with Forteen.
psps: not going to follow him everywhere. kalau rajin & ada event dia yang menarik & kena pada masa, akan diskodeng secara legal LOL.
pspsps: can't believe that he's actually same age with my 2PM's babies, Junho & Chansung.

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