Monday, April 5, 2010


since the first time i touched computer, knew how to use it, own my very first laptop from dad, my office's PC, and bought a new laptop myself, i only used windows.... i never knew that MAC is different from the normal PC til when i was in college, one of my collegemate used a MACbook, that was when i knew MAC's functions are differents! what amazed me that time was when i knew, a MAC user doesn't need to worry about virus attacking their computer.

my MAC in the office

but, when i started my work with a new company last week, i was surprised that they use MAC! it is not that i'm scared to death but since i never use a MAC before, so it is like i need to learn how to use it like my very 1st time using a computer. i need to bother my colleague how to copy, paste, force quit etc.... these are all simple things that i need to learn! but the most annoying part was when how i realised there's no normal 'right-click' function for it... for the past one week, i still can't figure out bout the right-click but it wasn't a big deal til today! i tried to save a pic but i can't coz i can't find a 'save image' function! then, today also, i added an add-on 'echofon' for the firefox but i can't log-out coz to log-out from echofon, we have to use a 'right-click'. this made me such a dumb with a computer. but i decided not to give-up when i google-d it and finally found how the 'right-click' function works on MAC.

when i tweeted and updated my facebook status, how i had a hard time using MAC, a lot of people responded, the most common responded was how MAC is much much easier than normal PC once you know how to use it and how MAC is cool... well, TILL I REALLY MASTER HOW TO USE MAC, I WILL NOT THINK IT IS COOL...

ps: i'll take pic of my MAC tomorrow when i reach office and update this entry with the pic!

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