Monday, April 19, 2010


finally! the day has come... 2PM's 3rd mini album, DON'T STOP CAN'T STOP is released! what did i thought about it? A to the W to the E to the S to the O to the M to the E... maybe because i'm totally a 2PM's bias, that is why i love it to the max... hahaha! the photo jacket!!!! no words can describe it perfectly except HOT! wooyoung's pic just a kick ass... *being woo bias again*

my favorite track will be DON'T STOP CAN'T STOP and after i read the lyrics translation, the song is freaking dedicate to the haters or COLDESTS... what a brave move my boys but i'm totally jealous k! 2PM dedicate a song to the haters and how bout us, the fans... LOL! i'm being such a freaking unreasonable organism... coz i spazzed too much on 2PM today, i even lost 2 followers in twitter! I DEMAND A SONG!!! hahaha~~~

the main track, WITHOUT YOU is catchy and addictive! and after seeing the MV, the OK part started to stuck in my head with the choreo... i love the OK's dance!!!! and they are effing hot in the MV... all the 'dirtiness' make them 10 times hotter!

i'm so going to buy this mini album... lol! very obvious aite?????

haters can hate them but haters can't take them down!!! be happy haters coz your ex-idol is dedicating a song for you instead their fans... kuikuikui!


f is fikah said...

unnie,u mean the ones who used to be their fans ke, are the COLDESTS??

nway, how many songs are there in the mini album??

what are the names??

YaNaJoOn^__^ said...

unnie~~!!!u're right!!!ahahaaa...for the COLDESTS^^....huhuu...omo...i love dont stop dont stop like yeah!!!

Manue said...

OH! you love 2pm too!!!! :DDDDD

Wawa said...

yewp, their ex-fans call themselves as COLDESTS now...a contra to HOTTESTS!

i'm tired being a HOTTESTS but 2PM dedicate a song to COLDESTS... kekeke!

hey! yeah...i'm a 2PM's hardcore ^o^

YaNaJoOn^__^ said...

will pull 2PM's ears if they dun dedicate a song for us!!!
ahahaa..u pull wooyoungie's ears and i pull junsu's!!ahahaha