Tuesday, February 17, 2009


one of the most popular picture that has been uploaded by my friend is picture of 5 Alpha... 5 Alpha was my class back in 2001 at SMK Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (SMKTTDI). that picture really caught attention from the students when it recalls back those fun memories... more like a reunion on the net!

some of them are married and i just knew the 1st one who got married from 5 Alpha was this chinese guy name Daniel Foo... he got married 2-3 years back! things that i can remember about him besides he's kinda good looking :P, he was sooooo naughty and playful in class! and love skipping class so much... and that's not the only surprise, he is now a Muslim! my jaw dropped... as a muslim, i just wanna say: ALHAMDULILLAH!

as for me, i became a family of 5 Alpha when i transfered to TTDI in 2001... so, i only have a 1 year memory of Alpha and not 2 years like my other classmate. but i'm glad i had been put in Alpha instead of Beta or Gamma... Alpha is totally full with crazeeee people in there...

p/s: can you spotted my so not good looking face in that picture????

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