Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Ok, this is quite a surprised. Asalnya nak tengok gitu-gitu je, sekali tahu-tahu, dah episod 2, pastu 3... and till this entry, dah tengok latest episod, episod 7. Dah terjebak secara serius, dan masa tidak boleh lagi diundur :p

Dah lama sebenarnya tak tengok drama Thai. Dulu zaman time muda-mudi (a.k.a school/college days), drama yang paling layan dan follow was Freshie High School.

The original Princess Hours a.k.a Korean Version a.k.a Goong is one of my all time favourite K-drama. And I do know, banyak country yang buat remake tapi tak pernah la pulak nak check-it out. But I don't know why, when I bumped a FB conversation on my newsfeed on this Thai's version, tergerak hati nak cek. And, as per my 1st paragraph, tahu-tahu dah terjebak... LOL...

What I like about the drama, while the main storyline is known, the scenes are not totally as per the Korean version. That what makes it exciting because you wouldn't know what happens next. Plus, this Thai version is more comical than the original and the chemistry between the main casts (ie. Prince Inn & Khaning) are totally awesome.

This drama is still airing in Thailand, and it is now at Episode 7. So, yeah... I need to wait till next week for new episode >,<

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