Monday, October 27, 2014


So, I'm still counting to my big day... And, the normal FAQ I've received from colleague, ex-colleague, "Is your fiancé from the same line?" Hahahaha... Kelakar rasanya bila semua orang dalam line ni mempunyai the same thought!

Those who don't know, I'm working in the advertising line... Working in this line means: SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, LIMITED SOCIAL LIFE...

Seriously, I'm not lying. I've been in this line dah nak masuk 5 tahun. First 3 years were not that bad coz my first advertising company won't really let me learn how client servicing life works. Now, with my current company, I've learnt how to be a 'full-time' client servicing. Believe me your life will change 360 degrees.

There's no such things of 9 to 5 working hours. If you could go back at 7 to 8pm, it will be haven for you... Hahaha! Memang agak normal you'll find a lot of single people in this line OR they ended up with people in the same line. Jadi, soalan yang ditanya memang sangat relevant untuk kami ni... Plus, I don't really go out to 'meet' new people.

Advertising vs. Engineering

Untuk dijadikan cerita, so, I do receive the question a lot, and when I said, "No, he's an engineer", everyone will feel amused how do I've time to meet a 'guy'... Well, senang kata, kalau dah jodoh, semuanya akan dipermudahkan Allah s.w.t.

Ok, done for now... See you in the next entry!

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