Thursday, April 14, 2011


finally!!!! ordered back in early February, and now its in my hand...

the whole package!

back cover a.k.a tracklists

what's outside & inside

the discs ;)

the 2-sided poster, photocard & sticker

a close-up on my photocard! HEARTBEAT~~~

take a peek what's inside the photobook

ps: i wish Orange Caramel's parody & solo performances were part of the tracklists. but well, copyright is not easy yaw!
psps: i was so happy when the Thank You's Hottest ver. was also shown!!! again, i can't help myself not to cry!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi!! WOW you’re are so lucky
I just have a few questions, is in the DVD the entire concert, or just a cut of the song?
And how many minute is the DVD?
I really want buy this dvd(I’m a 100% hottest ^^), but i prefer to be sure before that it’s really what I want