Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010... 2011

wow... time do flies fast! can't believe it is now 2011! 2010 seems too short to me!

i started 2010 with nothing special! in March, after 3 years, i finally changed my job! it was sad to leave my old company, but i need to move on for a better life... so, 29th March 2010, i started my new career at advertising agency! a new field to me... but til today, i'm doing fine there ;)

2010 also marked that i lost 2 aunts coz of cancer in June. the bad thing was, it happened within a week! sigh... semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat... AMINNNN~~~~

but the best thing happen in my life in 2010 was when i flew all the way to Thailand so i can meet my latest obsession, the k-pop boyband, 2PM! i became their fan back in 2009 and i never expected that i will fly to other country to meet them!!!

so, what is my resolution of 2011? i never believe in resolution coz i'm pretty sure i'll not fulfill it! so, just let it be & see how i'm doing in 2011! but one thing for sure, i'm gonna fly to South Korea for a trip... then, i wanna meet 2PM again... ekekekekeke!

ps: i'm still single after 2 years! hahahaha

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