Monday, June 28, 2010


herm... without i realising it, this June 2010 is my 1st year anniversary as 2PM's fan or to be exact as Hottest! time flies fast ha?! i still remember back in April 2009, when some people talked bout 2PM, i was like, 2PM??? who is 2PM??? and 2 months after that, i officially declared myself as Hottest!

being a Hottest since their happy days with 7 members, i can't help myself not to fall with all the 7 boys back then! bit by bit, i started to has my own bias which is now love of my life, JANG WOOYOUNG! Idol Army, Wild Bunny just made me to fall in love with them more and more.

TIME FOR CHANGE!the days when 2PM was introduced to me~~~

as i thought, nothing gonna happen to the 7 boys, September 2009 changed the whole history of 2PM and Hottest. The withdrawal of dearie Leadja, Park Jaebum was totally a shocked to me and i cried the whole week coz of that! although it was totally a devastating news, i decided to be strong for the boys... and as Jay permanent withdrawal was announced in Feb 2010, things were getting worst for the boys as ex-hottest(s) started to call them a betrayer.

DON'T STOP CAN'T STOP! i'm still standing here as a proud HOTTEST~~~

i was so hurt by all this issue and it just made me to be proud as Hottest! without turning back, i decided to be by their side, and get hurt with them. and now, after a year, the boys are still standing strong & they never gonna give up...

ps: i'm a proud Hottest! and proud to be called as THE BRAINLESS ORGANISM too~~~

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