Sunday, March 21, 2010


what a surprise.... seriously, i never planned to go to SuShow 2... if you are my regular reader, you know i never talk about SuJu here since i'm not their fan... only listen to their few songs! but, deep inside my heart, i knew if i got a chance i should go coz it was SuJu we were talking about here, one of the most influential k-pop's artiste in k-pop's world!

on the day of the concert itself, i never thought that i'll be going til at 9am while on the way to the office, i got a call, and dang! i'm going!!!! let's go straight to the story of the concert k...

i reached there around 5pm and i can only collect the tix around 6pm, so me & ida, we were wandering around the stadium... managed to meet some cassies especially the onionheads (hosh, aiza, chibi & winnie)... then met fizzy too! lol... my k-pop's spazzing partner & a big fan of poh :p met some other k-pop's friends too....

we entered the stadium around 7pm and was entertained by 2 malaysian artists. the concert started when the clock showed 8pm!!! and screaming starts... LOL!!!! just a reminder, i can't list out what songs the boys sang coz, yeah~~~ i don't know SuJu's songs.... *cornered*

but, seriously, the boys were damn playful & i can't stop laughing til the end! and i fell for heechul for a moment with his prettiness & divaness... and i felt so 'kekurangan' as a women coz he was damned pretty than me! there were a lot of funny & sweet moments which i think it's impossible for me to list out all of it!

heechul rock the stage with his prettiness & divaness

my favorite moment was when Sungmin cutely recorded his members while singing with his iPhone! hahaha... menyempat lagi tu! then, i managed to see the leader, Leeteuk cried during Shining Star... awww~~~ don't cry!!! he must never thought, SuJu is freaking popular in Malaysia! then, of coz when Ryu Wook, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Donghae & Shindong performed F(x)'s Chu... wakakakakaka! damn funny....

hahahaha! this was epic... DO IT DO IT CHU~~~

heechul was busy fixing the flower fan... LOL!

seriously, i was damn satisfied with the whole concert and SuJu must be happy to perform here in Malaysia. the stadium was fulled house and we had fun so much! hopefully, for their Super Show 3 (LOL!), M'sia will be again in the list...

ps: i'm such a lousy writer! hahahaha~~~
psps: thanks to them for the tix! ;)
pspsps: more pix can be checked HERE

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